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FIND YOUR STYLE: Denim Jackets

Posted on August 15 2017

The denim jacket is a staple piece that you MUST have in your wardrobe. You can layer or just keep it simple. With a denim jacket, the options are almost endless.
Classic Blue:
The classic denim jacket is always a good one to have up your sleeve. Whether you're looking to dress up and outfit or just add a bit style to a casual outfit. Either way, it will deliver your desired effect. You can wear it over a dress, skirt, jeans and even more possibilities. 
The faded jacket does not have a dramatic difference to the classic. The lessened colour on the jacket adds groove, style and character. This is a very easy jacket to combine with double denim as the shades of denim will not clash as easily. 
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The white denim jacket is an easy pair with coloured, black or blue jeans as these colours won't clash with each other. The simple white denim jacket will dress your outfit up and add a more sophisticated style to it. This is a perfect jacket for going out to dinner or something similar! 
The black denim jacket is a great pair with white, blue or any colour jeans! Similar to the white jacket, these colours will go perfectly as they won't clash. This is a simple yet effective jacket as it will dress up or dress down your outfit.
Patches bring a unique and new style to the denim jacket. They are usually placed on the back of the jacket but can really be placed anywhere. These patches can occur on other denim pieces like jeans. They add groove, colour and they spice your outfit up. 
The oversized denim jackets create a relaxed look yet stylish at the same time. These are the best jackets to layer with as they allow jumpers underneath, thick or thin. This is a perfect jacket for a day and/or night out, or even just a lunch with friends! These can come in many shades of blue - dark, light, faded and can also be distressed. You can even roll the sleeves up on this jacket to further add groove and style. 
Denim jackets are a must have in your wardrobe, whether it will be a classic jacket or one with patches! There are so many different types available, find the one that suits you best!


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