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Fashion: How to wear a SKIRT in the Winter

Posted on March 15 2017

Skirts are edgy, preppy & feminine,  but wearing a skirt during the cold winter months can leave you feeling more cold than chic. Choosing the right skirt and accompanying accessories will leave you feeling both warm and fashion forward.

So... How to wear Skirts this Autumn/Winter??


Step 1) Choose the right skirt!

Key: Warm Fabrics & simple patterns

- Pick a skirt made of a heavier material. Sheer, lightweight fabrics look out of place and will only make you colder. Opt for heavier materials like denim, wool, velvet, leather, and heavy cottons or cotton-polyester blends. 

- Decide on the length you want. You can wear virtually any length, but some will require more layering than others.

  • Choose a maxi-skirt for the least amount of hassle. Many maxi-skirts can even be worn with minimal to no leg protection. Pick out a skirt that extends somewhere between your mid-calf and the top of your foot, a few inches above your ankle. Longer skirts will keep you warmer, but a skirt that’s too long will drag on the ground, getting wet and muddy.

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  • Choose a mini-skirt to create a chic look. Mini-skirts in winter seem to defy common sense. As a result, wearing one gives your style an edgy twist. Matching the skirt with suitable leg coverings will keep you both warm and fashionable.

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Look for an appropriate pattern. 

  • Solid, dark colors work best, along with strong patterns in muted tones.
  • Winter Skirts don't have to be boring!!! Look for geometric shapes, metallic & flannel print, and pinstripes.
  • Avoid pastel colours, floral designs since these naturally evoke images of spring and summer.

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Step 2) Cover your LEGS!

Key: Wear stockings & leggings to keep you warm

Wear leggings. Leggings stand out more than traditional nylon stockings, but they also keep you warmer and looking stylish. Most are made of cotton, polyester blends, or spandex. They come in a variety of colors, so choose one that works well with your skirt. Black, brown, and other muted neutrals are safe options for most skirts, but you may consider choosing a bolder color to give your outfit a bit of pizzazz.


Step 3) The rest of your OUTFIT!

Key: Warm tops & thick outer layers 

Pick the right top. Simple, but true! The warmer your top is, the warmer you’ll feel overall.

  • Stick with long sleeves. Sweaters are an especially appropriate choice, particularly if your skirt is made of a notably heavy material like denim or wool.
  • Alternatively, you may layer short sleeve tops with cardigans and other long sleeve options to provide additional warmth.

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Choose the right outerwear. Eventually, you may need to go outside. When that happens, you’ll need to keep yourself warm, but you do not have to sacrifice style to do so.

  • Wear a dressy but warm coat. Stick with a trendy fit, but make sure it can keep you warm. Fitted wool pea coats are the best option if you have one.
  • Add a scarf. While not always essential, scarves do look fashionable, can add extra color and layered texture to your outfit, and will help keep you warm.

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