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JEANS: Play with Colour this AW17

Posted on April 26 2017

JEANS: Play with Colour this AW17

Your winter wardrobe doesn't have to be boring! Add some pop to your look this season with COLOUR!


This season it's all about rich tones like yellow, burgundy and teal & blues.  Warm tones like brown, camel and olive are autumn essentials and will instantly add a cold-weather spin to your summer denim. If you like to play it safe, no probs.  Winter white is always in!  

Embracing an on-trend colour or three is the easiest way to take a basics outfit that you might have from last season and make it look modern and fresh.

A new top in a current hue can be all that’s needed to lift a pair of denim jeans to the next level. If you don’t want to dip your toe in too far to a colour trend, opt instead for a scarf or piece of jewellery in that colour.


If you’re honest with yourself, you’ll know whether a colour suits you – just by looking at how that colour reflects back on your face. 


This autumn winter our monochromatic holy grails are set to step aside for some unpredictable brights. Think fuchsia, lavender, military greens, metallic shines, yellows and midnight blues. It’s a new aesthetic that will keep you on your toes and force you to become experimental within your wardrobe. 


Pink for autumn winter 2017

Last year blush pink dominated the fashion scene and quickly became everyone’s hue of choice. This autumn winter, blush is stepping it up and continuing its dominance alongside bright fuchsia and magentas. Expect to see these hues coming in an array of textures; from sequins to fur.

Shop: Machara Blush Skinny Jeans by Tumble & Dry (Netherlands)


Purple for autumn winter 2017

Continuing from last year’s pastel trend, purples will hit the fashion scene with an impact. This is one for those of us who feel most comfortable in our monochromatic pieces over autumn winter, and aren’t wanting to dive headfirst into the rosy pinks.
Shop: Chloe "Wildberry" Skinny Jeans by DL1961 (USA)


Military greens for autumn winter 2017

A colour that is always a staple once the cooler months roll in, military green isn’t going anywhere this season. Splashed across military style jackets and cosy knits, this forecasted hue pairs perfectly with pleather and black pieces.

Shop: Khaki Skinny Jeans by AO1976 (Belgium)


Metallic shines for autumn winter 2017

We forecasted this shimmery trend last year, and in 2017 it’s going to step it up. From sequins and glistening mosaic aesthetics, metallic touches will add an element of glam to your wardrobe.
Shop: Snake Skin Jeans by 717 (Belgium)


Yellow for autumn winter 2017 

Winter denim doesn't have to be boring!! Keep it fun & fresh this season with YELLOW!! #Trending, yellow is overtaking the fashion scene this season. This will add a fresh pop to the usual Indigo that we rock at this time of the year. Expect to see hints of canary yellow & mustard shades throughout your outfits, to going all out and donning the hue all over. If you’re just wanting dip your toe into the trend, experiment with a yellow accessory.

Shop: Yellow Skinny Jeans by Boboli (Spain)


Midnight blues for autumn winter 2017

If you’re loving the change of predictable winter colours, yet aren’t wanting to go all out in brights, this is for you. Featured mainly in velvet pieces, midnight blues is forecasted to be one of the most coveted trends of the season. Plus, by incorporating velvets back into your wardrobe you’ll be adding a hint of textural interest to all of your outfits.
Shop: Blue/Black Skinny Jeans by Hudson (USA)




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