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Fashion: Tulle is cool

Posted on July 27 2017

We know what you’re thinking.  Tulle skirt is just another term for tutu, and there’s NO way you’re wearing one.  But bear with us, because tulle is not all preppy. We found ways to transform the childhood dress-up staple into daytime and evening looks that will get you through the season. 

You can try anything from adding tights & knit jumper, add metallics & fur.  The choices are endless and so are the styles that can be created, all thanks to Tulle!


Checkout our tips for fuss-free ways to spruce up a tulle skirt without looking like a ballerina, unless you want to of course – we totally support it!!
1) Make tulle EDGY
You must be thinking we’re dreaming, but tulle can easily be used to create edge.  It’s all about what you put with it.  For a second, just try erase pointy shoes and a pink leotard out of your memory and replace it with a denim or leather jacket & graphic tee. Cool heyyyyyy!! Just like that, you’ve created a super edgy chic look.

We love this.  The Rust Tulle Skirt by Feather Drum looks amazeballs with the a denim jacket by Tractr & Graffiti Skull Tee by Me.n.u (USA)

2) Keep it SIMPLE
Let the Tulle do the talking.  A basic tee is all you need to wear with the tulle masterpiece to create that balance of simplicity & wow.  Add a edgy accessory if you feel you need to draw away the attention from the skirt some more. 

Try this look, white basic tee by So nikki with the pale rose tulle skirt by feather drum.  Don’t forget, sneakers can help make your look more street style chic.

3) Prove that STRIPES really do go with everything!
This line will never get old.  Stripes really do go with EVERYTHING & it is essential that every girl has at least 5 stripe tops in her wardrobe.  We absolutely LOVE this look.
The combo or preppy & edgy creates this beautiful boho style. 
Shop the Stripe Turtle Neck by Christina Rohde (Denmark) & Rust Tulle Skirt by Feather Drum (Australia)


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