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Fitness: Step into action

Posted on January 04 2017

Fitness: Step into action 
~ Fitness Guide for Busy Teenage Girls ~


Staying fit & healthy can pose a few challenges for teenage girls... I mean HELLO, Netflix & Doughnut-Time - It's a tough life!!!  As well as this, life is often PACKED to the rafters with school, homework, jobs and social activities. Finding time for exercise can take some extra planning. Do not fear, these key steps can help young women stay healthy and active, even with their busy schedules :)


Different ways to keep Active !!


~ Put on your walking shoes ~
Use your mode of transportation as a way to fit in exercise. Instead of hopping on a bus to get to school, try riding your bike or walking. Cycling and fast walking can be great aerobic exercises, and teenage girls should be getting at least 60 minutes of aerobic exercise a day. Of course, make sure to be safe when engaging in these activities. Only walk or cycle in safe, well-lit and well-populated areas & make sure your parents or friends know your route.
~ Stress Less ~
Relieve stress. Being a teenage girl is full of pressure. Losing that epic snapchat streak you had with your bestie is not the kind of stress you need in your life.  Fitness can be an excellent way to release tension in your mind and body. In addition to your cardio portion, consider a calming exercise such as yoga or pilates. Yoga or Pilates will help you maintain fitness and build flexibility, all while you work away stress.
~ Scenic Strolls ~
Love a good adventure? Bushwalks and romantic beach strolls are great forms of exercise that you can do by yourself or with a group of friends to keep active, even better most of the time this is FREE!!  Explore your natural surroundings on a budget and save for the more important things (like buying clothes ...)
~ Be Social ~
Joining a social sports team is a great way to keep active and meet new friends! Was one of your new year resolutions to try something new? Why not join a school sports team or local club. Doesn't matter if you have never played the sport in your life - life's all about giving it a go! Netball, Touch Footy, Soccer and Hockey are great social sports to play. You never know, you may have found your secret talent...  


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