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Forever Boho: All About The Boho-Chic

Posted on November 02 2016


~  b o h o  d a y s  ~   g y p s y   n i g h t s  ~


Bohemian style. One of the most amazing and feminine styles that exists in the world of fashion today.   We can thank Czech Republic for the creation of the beautiful boho style!  Once called the the land of Bohemia, people craved freedom and yearning to break all the accepted rules and dogmatic stereotypes of the world surrounding them.  Society's ideas created a very specific and unique style, serving as an irreplaceable source of inspiration .... The "Boho" style is known for being hippie, arty and free-spirited. The constant search of new inventions and discoveries, the longing towards everything that’s artistic and beautiful and the absolutely free and at the same time harmonious inner world are what the boho style is actually shaped with.


Types of Boho-Chic Style

Boho-chic style is a mixture of hippie and vintage looks.  The colour palette tends to be of a combination of 'earthy tones' - blacks, browns, reds and greens as well as the use of pastel and neutral shades of grey, pink and blue, help create the bohemian style.   

  • "Boho hippie" style can be created by wearing lavish and bright colours to create romantic vibes for the more girly-girl.  Girls can wear soft, delicate fabrics like chiffon and lace.  Floral decorations and embroidery also can help create this look.
  • "Gypsy boho" style on the other hand can be created by wearing fringe detailed pieces made from a mixture of heavier fabrics, velvets soft lace materials. Beads and other embroidered pieces can create this look.  


How to create Boho-Chic Style



Boho Clothing

The easiest way of going boho is incorporating some typical bohemian style clothing into your wardrobe, including dresses, playsuits or maxi skirts & printed soft shorts which can be matched with lace tops, oversized shirts, graphic tanks or simple chambray tops.

Boho-Chic: Rust Tulle Maxi Skirt by Feather Drum & Stripe Tee by Hayden LA


Tunics, slouchy knitted sweaters, ripped denim jeans, soft shorts with print of lace,  playsuits or rompers, loosely hanging mini dresses, crochet, denim or fur vests are other typical bohemian style garments. 

Comfy Free-spirit: Embroidered Gypsy Top by Haute Hits, Coral Tribal Print Shorts by Pinc Premium, Aztec Soft Shorts with Lace Trim by Pinc Premium, White Embroidered Blouse by TAHLIA Minihaha.


Classic Boho: Tribal Printed Tunic by Hayden LA.


Boho Accessories

Coming to bohemian accessories, we can first of all speak about pieces like fedora hats, clutch bags, and colourful scarves.  Don't forget your vintage-style sunglasses, bracelets and other jewellery pieces that can become ideal finishing touches for your boho-chic looks! 

Touch of Boho: Suede Fringe Gypsy Bag by Me.n.u, Tribal Embroidered Shoulder Bag by Haute Hits, Blue Aztec Scarf by Haute Hits, Aztec Printed Clutch by Haute Hits.


 ~ E M B R A C E   T H E   L O O K ~


 ~  S H O P   N O W  ~ 

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