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Formal Prep: Get ready for your formal celebrations!

Posted on August 02 2017


School formal season is fast approaching! Excited? Or perhaps you’re a bit nervous about what to expect. Either way we want your night to run as smoothly as possible. For you to look as pretty as a picture and be stress free and full of laughter. To ensure that you have an amazing night, we’ve outlined a few important elements to take into consideration in the lead up to your formal....

The dress

As soon as you get the date of your school formal, start looking for a dress. Don’t leave it until the last minute. You’ll just be causing yourself undue stress. Additionally, as much as your peers might try and convince you to spend the mega bucks on a dress, it’s not necessary. Check out our range of beautiful dresses from around the globe starting from $59.95.

Dresses not your style? Why not op for a beautiful skirt or jumpsuit? We have plenty of ‘formal’ tops, skirts, & jumpsuits for those who don’t like the traditional dress. So many beautiful and UNIQUE pieces that can’t be found anywhere else!


  • The accessories

Find an accessory you love that you will use after this one night.  We have many edgy clutches from Haute Hits that can easily be dressed up or down so you can continue using it again & again. We also have many cute preppy style handbags that are big enough to just fit the essentials. Add some bling with our gorgeous beaded jewellery range by BOAM, otherwise add a boho twist to your look with jewellery by Delta June.


  • The makeup

Keep it simple! You & your outfit is already so beautiful; you don’t need to do much more.  A bit of blush, bronzer, mascara & lippy is more than enough.


  • The hair

Practice makes perfect. It is possible to style your hair yourself – just make sure you do a few trial runs prior to the day. There’s so much inspo on youtube, so just keep browsing until you find the hair-do that will match your outfit!


  • The date

Why did the sultana go out with the raisin? Because he couldn’t find a date! If you are bringing a date along just because all your friends are – step away! You DO NOT have to have a date. You will not be considered the social outcast if you don’t bring a date. It will merely give you more time to hang out with all your friends and take lots of pretty pictures. Going solo or bringing a friend who knows others is a much better option than babysitting all evening. YAWN!

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