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LINE UP: Stripes In Fashion

Posted on October 06 2016


Zebra, pedestrian crossing or bar code – stripes! They have been ruling the world of fashion for the latest 150 years and counting.

Vertical - Horizontal - Asymmetrical - Doesn't Matter. There is no right or wrong! 

We don't exactly know when the first piece of striped clothing was worn (The Parisians have tried to claim it) but we have got loads of interesting info on stripes anyway.

Every wondered why the Parisian Look (The classic Navy & White stripe) is referred to as the "Breton" stripe?!  Well, it turns out the striped shirt was originally a naval sailor’s uniform, designed to help distinguish the sailors from the waves so you could find them more easily when they fell overboard. At the time, all the French navy hailed from Brittany, so the shirt was coined the “Breton” shirt and displayed 21 stripes – one for each of Napoleon’s victories against the British.  You learn something new everyday.  Now you can tell your history teacher that online shopping is very educational ;)

It's now 2016 and the Breton Stripe is still one of the most popular prints world-wide.  It's cool to see new styles evolving from the classic print....  

Hayden LA Tees from $44.95

Stripes.  Whatever the occasion.  Always in style.

Just like the majority of us Aussies, LOVES stripes.  Dresses, shorts, tees & tanks - endless choice!

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