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#Throwback - 10 Things You Didn't Know About Converse

Posted on October 12 2016

~ Converse ~ All Stars ~ Chucks ~ Chuck Taylors ~ Connies ~ 

Converse - The Ultimate All Star! 


10 Things we bet you didn't know about converse .... 

1) All-Stars have been around since 1917... That's almost a century ago!!!!!! The shoe was composed of a canvas upper and rubber sole.  It's the same white rubber sole we see on our converse today!

2) The real name for Converse is Chuck Taylors.... Um WHAT!? Chuck Taylor was a famous US basketballer & trainer who travelled around the country teaching basketball clinics (and selling shoes) starting in the 1920s. His name was added onto an ankle patch on the sneaker in 1932.

3) Converse were only HIGH-TOP shoes until 1962.

4) Converse were originally designed to be an elite shoe for the professional US basketball league aka the NBA.  The innovative detail of the original shoe was the "loose lining" of soft canvas. This was intended to move along with sweaty gym socks and prevent blisters.  They were worn by many athletes in the Olympics as well as in military training camps. 

5) Converse never intended for their shoes to become "punk".  Their intentions were for it to be an athletic footwear, not the popular global casual "street-style" shoe it's famous for today. 

6) Since the birth of converse, over 800 MILLION pairs of shoes have been sold! CRAZY

7) The Converse Star logo patch was originally placed on the side ankle as a kind of minor padding against ankle bruising that might occur while playing basketball.  Bit strange when you think about it now, but anyway.

8) In 2003, Nike purchased the brand and now manufacture the shoes.

9) It is estimated that 100% of the American population have a pair of All-stars. 

10) Wizz Khalifa (the rapper) loves converse!!!! He named his recording label 'Taylor Ganag Records' in honour of his favourite shoe brand.  In 2013, he launched his own shoe collection, featuring 12 Converse styles.  True fan .....


#1 Shoe = Converse 

So, to sum it up, Converse are the best casual shoe.  They dominate the streets worldwide and can go with any style.  If you don't have a pair already, go get yourself some connies - you won't regret it. Shop the style now @


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