Global Fashion for Girls

The Dilemma of Global Size Charts

Why can't there be one standard size chart around the world ?  

We hear you ! It would make our life a lot easier at but until that day comes, we have taken an extra step to help girls fit into our clothes the first time.

We have provided specific size charts for all our brands. There is no one standard chart across our site. Every piece of clothing on our site comes with it's own brand-specific size chart.  

And to make life a little easier for our customers we have tested every individual piece of clothing, on various age groups, to see whether the sizing rings true.  With every piece of clothing we have provided some guidance on whether the clothing is a true fit based on the size chart or whether we believe our customers should be ordering up or down a size.  We used pretty average sized teens across all sizing groups for each Brand.

As yet we can't tell each and every customer what size to order ahead of time - maybe one day soon - but we want to minimise the hassle of a return thus we have taken extra steps compared with lots of other retailers to help fit our clothes right, the first time.

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